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Why Donate?

If you're on this site, you know how valuable the information it contains is for anyone that owns or is looking for information on the OUYA console. While the OUYA has been sunsetted, that does not mean the information about its games and other relevant information is gone. This site has a small group of administrators and contributors that work hard to keep the site running and will continue to do so. As a site that does not generate profits from its users, we hope that some of you will take a moment to make a small donation to keep the site running. We believe in being 100% transparent and as such, with permission of the donors, keep a list of donors. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous can upon request, we will simply list you as an anonymous benefactor. If you would like to donate please send an email to [email protected] and we will work with you to facilitate it. We are currently working to donation options such as Paypal to our wiki to expedite this process.


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