Bubblr in trouble HD

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Cover Image
Developerheavily loaded games
Email[email protected]
Current Version0.75.067
Content RatingEveryone
Rating Average3.0/5
Rating Count28
Demo AvailableYes
APK Namede.philweb.bubblr2
Bubblr in trouble HD

you control "dummy", the crash test dummy, who gets attacked by zombies and has to defend himself and therefore needs your best reaction skills.

Dummy is jumping around the platforms and has a soap bubble-cannon and can bubble zombies. Furthermore dummy can use other weapons like fireballs or cannons.

dummy has to be quick to avoid that more zombies spawn into the area. dummy will get collectable items for neutralized zombies and completed missions. Most of the items have points.
You will get extra items if you neutralize multiple zombies in a short time ( = hattrick) and if you "kiss" zombies, which means to neutralize them on a very short distance ( = monsterkiss).
Hattricks and monsterkisses raise your rank (please enable Swarm for highscores and ranks).