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Website[http:// http://]
Current Version1.0
Content Rating9+
Rating Average2.77/5
Rating Count13
Demo AvailableYes
APK Namecom.Joylinegames.BruhAdventure
BruhAdventure, The Game where you explore the city of BruhHills and it's secrets! You can enjoy a tasty snack while you are at it! The game has farting humor, toilet humor, and many other kinds of immature humor! The people who live in the amazing city of BruhHills are very nice, they will run you over! And if they are being mean to you, You can always destroy them... with lemons!
Using the new and radical, The Lemon Gun!
+Drive cars for free!
+A collection of guns.
+Tons of secrets!
+Stupid reasons to laugh!
+Good food.
+The mayor is a potato.
+Helpful signs
+Arcade Machines!
BruhHills' History!
Version 2.0 Thanksgiving 2015 - Happy thanksgiving! In this new update, We made some new changes to the city.
+Added new Arcade Machine! Play as a turkey!
+You can now chose where to go from the menu screen!
+Fixed Bugs
+Changes that will fix confusion in people's heads.

Version 1.0- Fart and explore because BruhAdventure is on the store. (By the way, These are the upload notes if you didn't know.)