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This page exists to make sure our editors are kept up to date on the Category:Templates that should be used and the specifics for formatting and editing.

What is a wiki

If this is your first time on a wiki, please check out the page Getting Started With Wiki for a quick introduction. Then come back to this page (click on the logo image in the upper-left hand corner of any page). Here are some things you might like to do:

  • Practice wiki editing on the page SandBox. The SandBox is a page created especially for practicing on. The SandBox is created for you!
  • Regularly visit RecentChanges (in the left menu bar) to keep up with all that is happening on your wiki.

Could I see your references please

While this is a community wiki, it is none the less appreciated if you cite where you get your information when it is not obvious. To do this just use the <ref>...</ref> tag and do not forget to add the date you viewed the reference, just in case it changes. References are important as they lend credibility to your posts and show you did not just make the information up, not that you would do that right. ;)


The Category:Templates page has a list of current templates that the wiki employs. Some of the templates that you should look over, and what they are for are listed below:


This wiki utilizes bots to keep many pages up-to-date, you can easily tell if a page has bot interactions by looking for a comment tag such as "<!-- OUYASTOREBOT START-->" and "<!-- OUYASTOREBOT STOP-->". Tags like this denote the areas that will be affected by bot updates, it is imperative that any additional information you wish to add to a wiki page is not placed between the "Start" and "Stop" tags as it will be removed when the bot updates the page. Any text placed before or after the bot tags is retained during bot updates.