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The OUYA Everywhere initiative delivers OUYA to gamers wherever they play - whether or not they bought a box from us. We're the open guys, right? So why lock OUYA in a box? Even a beautiful one? OUYA is about games and game developers, not about the way you get it.

- OUYA Inc.Unknown extension tag "ref"

OUYA Everywhere is OUYA Inc's attempt to get the OUYA Discover Store on to as many compatible devices as possible. OUYA Everywhere is a package that can be installed on third-party Android devices, allowing them to have guaranteed controller, store and purchase capabilities.

What Devices Use It?

So far the M.O.J.O. and the MiBox are the first "official" implementations and at this time there is not an official package to install OUYA Everywhere on your device of choosing. There has not been any comment from OUYA to say it will happen any time soon or even at all.

Compatible Games

A Partial List of Ouya Everywhere Compatible Games