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Category:Software is a top level category that should only be linked to by major sources of software. As of current there are only two major ways to get software that will be listed as children to this category:


  • OUYA Discover Store - Android devices, such as the OUYA, generally come pre-loaded with one or more sources for applications and games, in the case of OUYA devices they come with the OUYA Discover Store. Any game/app that is released here will have the Discover Store Release category attached to it.
  • Sideloading - In addition to the stores mentioned above, one is also able to sideload applications and games on to their device via other applications or tools such as ADB. Any game/app that comes from a source other than the OUYA Discover Store will have the Unofficial Release category attached to it.


This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.